How to put a seller on the blacklist

When you put a seller on the blacklist, you will no longer see the items they put up for sale.

There are several options open to you:


Via a search or category page


  1. Click on "More" below the sales box


    then enter "Hide this seller's items” via the scrolling menu


  2. A new window will open. Select the reason why you want to add the seller to the blacklist.
  3. Click on


Via an item page


  1. Click on "Hide this seller's items”.
  2. Select one of the reasons listed and,
  3. Validate by clicking on


Via the “My blacklists: Sellers” page

  1. Next click on "Add a seller".
  2. Enter the seller’s nickname and the reason why you want to add them,
  3. Then click on .
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