How can I distinguish between a sale organized by an Auction House and a Marketplace sale?

On Delcampe, you can find items sold by prestigious Auction Houses. These sales are part of auction catalogs offered by these Auction Houses. They are also available on the marketplace. You can therefore find these items during your usual searches.

However, there are several aspects that enable you to identify a sale from a Auction House compared to a "standard" marketplace sale when you visit the item page:

  • The starting price is preceded by the Auction House logologo.PNG
  • The button which enables you to confirm your bid is  mceclip0.png and not "place a bid" or "buy".
  • A specific link enables you to consult the catalog which this sale comes from
  • Instead of the seller's usual information (payment methods, location...), you can see the name and logo of the Auction House.
  • You can easily access the current or past catalogs of this specific Auction House via the link mceclip2.png
  • The seller's presentation is replaced by the presentation of the Auction House under the tabs at the bottom of the item page.
  • Some items from the same catalog are presented at the bottom of the page.

Tip: Buying from an Auction House is subject to specific rules, for more information, see the article "How to buy an item from an Auction House"

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