Coronavirus : Possible delays in deliveries.

The whole world is facing a coronavirus epidemic. Many of our countries are implementing significant health measures, including some blocking ones. We are all, in one way or another, concerned and involved. In these exceptional circumstances, we ask our members to be patient and tolerant.

Despite all the good will of the sellers, delivery times for purchases are likely to get longer. Therefore, more patience than usual will be required.

Communication during transactions will remain your best ally. We invite all sellers to inform their buyers of shipping dates and possible difficulties in their region.

In these times when most distractions are suspended, we at Delcampe are happy to stay by the side of collectors and passionate people. We encourage you to read the articles on the Delcampe Blog and to discuss on our Collectors' Forum. They are available for free.

Collecting is a wonderful passion that unites us all. It does not require you to leave your home. Our site is a place where travel in the world and history is free and safe. More than a million people gather here without any health risk!

In these difficult times, we think in particular of all those who are affected by the disease in their family, or among their loved ones, or whose social or economic life is affected by it. We wish you much courage in this sad situation.

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