How to group payment requests from a buyer?

Whenever a buyer buys two items or more from your store, you can group the items in a single payment request. This occurs automatically if none of the items have been invoiced yet. However, if one of the items has already been invoiced or if the items have been invoiced separately, you can do this manually.

This article covers the following cases:

A payment request has already been issued. How to group the new items sold with it?

In this case, given that a payment request has already been issued for items already sold, the system cannot automatically group it with the new items sold.

  1. Go to "My sale tracking: to invoice"
  2. Find the payment method to be grouped and click on mceclip0.png. The system will suggest that you group the item(s) which have not been invoiced with the existing payment request.
  3. Confirm by clicking on mceclip2.png to set up your payment request. Adjust the shipping fees, if required

Note: the system will only suggest that you add the item to the existing request if it has not yet been marked as paid or archived by the buyer.

Several payment requests have already been issued. How should they be grouped?

  1. Go to "My tracked sales: Invoiced”.
  2. Select  the payment requests you want to group
  3. Click on mceclip1.png to set up a single payment request

Note: you will only be able to group the payment requests if they have not yet been marked as paid or archived by the buyer.

Tip: professional sellers should replace the term "payment request" by "invoice".

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