What is my item worth? What is my collection worth?

We often receive requests for appraisals from our members.
However, given that Delcampe doesn’t provide appraisal or estimate services, we can’t meet your requests.

The options provided below can help you determine the value of your items.

We recommend:

  • browsing the categories of our website which may contain similar items. By browsing, you can see the number of similar items available and the prices already posted.

    Tip: if you want to do a keyword search, please see the article on “Searching for an item


  • ask other members of the Delcampe community for their opinion via our forum

    Note: you must have at least 20 feedback or have verified your address to be able to post a message on our forum.
    For more information about postal verification, see the article on “Postal verification

  • browse price catalogues for your collection items
    - here are a few examples for stamps: Yvert & Tellier, Stanley Gibbons, Michel, etc.
    - a few examples for coins and bills: Krause, World Coins, World Paper Money, Le Franc, etc.
  • browse the catalogues of specialised auction houses.


You can list your items on our website after you have determined their value.

Tip: to find out how to easily list your items for sale, we recommend reading the article “Selling via the selling form”.

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