A member can’t bid on one of my sales because of their country of residence

 You can define certain locations for the delivery of your items in your sales conditions. The locations will determine which members can buy or bid on your sales. If a location isn’t selected, members in that region will not be able to bid on/buy the items in your store.


If a member contacts you stating that you do not allow delivery in their country and you would like to give them access to your sales, you must change your sales conditions. To do this:


  1. Go to the sales conditions page
  2. Click on the region(s) where you want to sell. The v.png sign will appear when a location is selected.

  3. Click on mceclip1.png
  4. The member who contacted you will now be able to bid/buy from your store. Contact them to let them know.

    The locations which can be selected (with the exception of the seller’s country) are large regions corresponding to continents (or parts of continents). Specific countries on the continent cannot be selected.

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