How are sales cancellation requests processed?

Once you request the cancellation of a sale or the cancellation of an invoice, your cancellation request is visible in your "Cancelled sales".

Some cancellation requests are automatically accepted, others have to be approved by Delcampe. You will then see the status mceclip2.png. Your request will then be reviewed in the next few days.

If it is accepted, the status mceclip0.png will be indicated in your cancelled sales. There will then be no commission fees calculated on this sale.

There are two possibilities:

  • It’s 25 September and you cancel a sale which closed on 10 September. If your request is accepted, your fee history will not be credited. You will not be asked to pay a commission for this sale on 1 October.
  • It’s 25 September and you cancel a sale which closed on 29 August. If your request is accepted, the commission for 1 September will be adjusted retroactively.

Warning: The button mceclip1.png cancels the cancellation request. Please only click on it if you have completed the transaction in the meantime and would like your cancellation request to be deleted.

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