Configure your sales conditions and fees

You must define your terms and conditions of sale to put items up for sale.

To configure your terms and conditions of sale:

  1. Go to your sales conditions
  2. Choose if you accept to meet the buyer for product delivery by using the selection box

  3. Choose if you will accept reimbursement of the item if not satisfied by using the selection box
    For more information about this guarantee, see point 7.3 Contract cancellation by the buyer in our terms and conditions of use.

    Note: the reimbursement of items if not satisfied is automatically activated for professional sellers.

  4. Select the shipping method.
    We recommend that you wait for payment before sending items and, therefore, choose delivery after payment.

  5. Choose if the fees are paid by you or the buyer

  6. Select the continent(s) or country(ies) (at least one) in which you would like to sell. If a destination is not selected, buyers from that destination will not be able to bid/buy the items in your shop.


    If you use the interactive map :

    click on the countries you want to accept. If the country is coloured green, it is selected; if it is coloured grey, you do not ship to it.

    If you use the drop-dwon menus :

    to select a complete country or continent, select the check box beside it.

    Tip : If there are only a few countries on a continent that you do not want to accept, tick the box next to the continent and then uncheck the countries in question.

  7. Fill in the fees field

    Note: you must enter at least 10 characters.

  8. Fill in the special terms and conditions field if needed

  9. Click on save.PNG to activate the sales conditions in your account


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