How to manage the folders of the Lister

With the Lister you can manage your items for sale folders.
You can add a folder, create sub-folders, modify them and delete them.
There is no limit to the number of folders you can create.


This article covers the following subjects:


Adding folders in the Lister

To add a folder:

  1. Click “Add” in the top left of the Lister


  2. Add the new folder name by first deleting “New folder” and adding the desired folder name
  3. Enter a description (optional)
  4. Choose the folder location. “Delcampe” is the default.
  5. Click “OK” to save.

Hint: to add a new sub-folder, follow the same steps above and at the beginning select the folder within which you would like to create a sub-folder.


Where are my Lister folders?

To find your Lister folders:

  1. Go to the top left of the menu


  2. Double-click on each existing folder and find the possible sub-folders


Modifying folders in the Lister

The “Delcampe” folder cannot be modified. Only the sub-folders can.


To modify a folder:

  1. Select the folder you want to change
  2. Click “Modify”


  3. Add the new folder name by first deleting the old name and adding the name you have chosen
  4. Modify or enter a description (optional)
  5. Click “OK” to save changes.


Deleting folders in the Lister

To delete a folder:

  1. Select the folder you want to delete
  2. Click “Delete”


  3. Click “OK” to confirm deletion


Viewing items in sub-folders

To view items in sub-folders:

  1. Tick the box “See items in the subfolders”


  2. The items will appear in the main folder


Moving items from one folder to another

To move items in sub-folders:

  1. Select the folder (or sub-folder)
  2. Tick the items you want to move  
  3. Click “Move in the folder” in the bottom left


  4. Choose the new folder you would like to move the items to
  5. Click “OK”


Moving a folder into another one (creating sub-folders)

To move a folder into another one:

  1. Select the folder with your mouse
  2. Press and hold the left mouse button
  3. Whilst holding, navigate to the folder you would like to add your folder to
  4. Release the left mouse button when the cursor is on the target.

Hint: this technique is commonly known as “Drag and drop”.


Personalising the field list in folders

The field list allows you to show or hide one or various fields in your folders.

  1. Click “Field list”


  2. The boxes are ticked by default. Untick the ones you would not like to see in your folders. 
  3. Click “Close” to save changes.

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